Over the past few years, I’ve developed something of a tradition of reading something spooky on Halloween1. I didn’t have any particularly long horror novels to read this year, so I decided to do some spooky short stories instead.

So throughout Halloween, I read Lovecraft’s Call of Cthulu, which I had somehow managed to unintentionally avoid for years despite having worked my way through most of his short stories. It’s obviously a classic, and I have a particular enjoyment for his ideas of cosmic horror.

I also have a collection of short stories by Edgar Allen Poe, so I read Metzengerstein and The Pit and the Pendulum, both of which I felt had the spooky atmosphere I wanted.

Finally, I read something much scarier than the others. I started reading a collection of essays and articles I have recently gathered about Facebook and the Metaverse - truly a frightening subject. These ideas around the future of the internet, greater interconnectedness and VR experiences would be less troubling and more exciting, I think, if they weren’t coming from Facebook Meta. Anyway, I have lots of thoughts about this, but they deserve fleshing out on their own another time.


  1. It started as an excellent excuse to drink red wine and read Dracula